Say yes to your child

Selina Khatun, Rangpur

Say yes to a child, son or daughter, who is willing to teach from the beginning. Such as exchanging skills with yourself, speaking slowly, punctuality, admitting mistakes and talking after first hearing. After hearing the advice of Dr. Bikash Majumder, Head of the Department of Children’s Rangpur Medical College Hospital and Bimal Kumar Roy, Head Teacher of the Seshu Niketan School, the reporter Selina Khatun created the Report. Children usually do not learn to listen to behavior. They learn by watching. Because it takes a certain age to understand. They like to imitate.

In a word, ‘Copy Cat’. That’s how they learn something new. It is not right to think that giving a wise counsel to the children that they will listen to it and act it out is understandable. And first of all, the education will start from the child’s home or family. It is seen that parents are having problems. They are talking in front of the baby. The effect is on children. In these cases, parents should hide behind the issue. If children behave in this way in front of their children, so will the children. They will speak loudly even if they are angry. Likewise, if you wake up late, your child will learn the same. You can’t explain to him with anything. As it is seen, children say hello to any toy with their ears before speaking at a young age. Because they are often seen in such homes. They believe in imitation. Before teaching your child something, practice it yourself. For example, if you talk to your child regularly and greet him skillfully, he will do the same. When someone arrives at home or meets with someone outside, first exchange skills with yourself. Then ask the child to do the same. At first, the baby may feel constricted. In that case, do not force or anger. Gradually the child will learn by himself. Just present imitation things in front of him repeatedly. If everyone at home speaks softly and slowly, this quality will be created within the child itself. If something goes wrong, tell your child about it. At the same time, it can be wrong. It is not the fault of wrongdoing, but the mistake of concealing or denying it by mistake. One has to learn from mistakes. When the child himself exchanges his skills, speaks softly, eats timely, sleeps, confesses his guilt if he makes a mistake, responds by listening and responding. Tell him about the benefits of these tasks based on age. Give him small gifts. However, it is not a candy or a precious gift. Maybe he woke up in the morning and gave him a gift of choice. Giving a greeting to 7 friends of the school, he gave a gift of color pencil, puzzle or matching game. That is, to give something that does not make him greedy. Treat your child in a friendly manner. Pediatrician Dr. Vikas Majmudar said, “To me, a parent with his child actually looks at the child’s vision before treatment.” If the child is the other attentive, let me first look at a toy. Then I give medical advice. Bimal Kumar Roy, head teacher of Seshu Niketan School, said that we have arranged for children to make them ideal people, not just in the education system. There are rockers, slipping nets and floral ears. Understanding a child can be a mistake. It does not deserve a severe punishment. If a child is vicious, do not clap with him. In this case, parents can explain to their child through body language or body language. Maybe you were a little serious or angry. This will make the children understand that he has made a mistake. Then explain to him the punishment. The children will understand that such mischief will make everyone angry. They can also be damaged. But instead of being afraid, children begin to hide in fear of retribution.


PM to brief media on Sunday

The prime minister returned home on Saturday morning, winding up her tri-nation visit

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address a press conference on Sunday to brief the media about the outcomes of her 11-day tri-nation official visit to Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Finland.

“The press conference will be held at her official Ganabhaban residence at 5pm tomorrow [Sunday],” said the prime minister’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim on Saturday, reports BSS.

The prime minister returned home this morning, winding up her visits to the three countries from May 28 to June 7.

On May 28, the prime minister reached Tokyo, the capital of Japan, the first destination of her tri-nation visit.

During her four-day stay in Japan, the two countries signed the 40th ODA deal—worth US$2.5 billion—after a bilateral meeting between Sheikh Hasina and her Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe.

Additionally, the premier attended the Nikkei International Conference on “The Future of Asia” as a keynote speaker, joined a community reception accorded to her, and attended a breakfast roundtable meeting with Japanese business leaders.

There, the  family members of the Japanese Holey Artisan attack victims, and JICA president Shinichi Kitaoka, separately, met Sheikh Hasina.

Concluding her visit to Japan, the prime minister went to Saudi Arabia, on May 31, to attend the 14th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit, held in Makkah, at the invitation of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

During her three-day stay in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Hasina also performed the holy Umrah in Makkah, and offered Ziarat at the Rawza Mubarak of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in Madina.

Wrapping up her visit to Saudi Arabia, the premier went to Finland on June 3.

During her five-day stay in Finland, Sheikh Hasina met with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto on June 4 and joined a community reception—accorded to her by All European Awami League and Finland Awami League—on June 5.


Abducted veterinary physician rescued in Rangpur

RANGPUR, May 04, 2019 – The three-day “President Cup Golf Tournament-2019” ended on Friday night through a colourful closing ceremony at Model Conference room on Rangpur Golf and Country Club (RGCC) ground in the city.

Over 100 contestants of different Golf Clubs from across the country participated in the male, female, junior and sub-junior groups of the tournament organised by RGCC, a press release said today.

In the Male Group, Major Ashraf secured the first position while Major Muhit won the best gross award.

Major Saif became the runner up while Lieutenant Colonel Kudrat won the second best gross award.

Lieutenant Colonel Naser became the second runner up while Colonel Yusuf won the third best gross award.

Major Ferdous won the maximum part award while Enamul Haque Sohel won the minimum part award.

Brigadier General Shams Alauddin Ahmed won the longest drive award and Major Harun won the nearest to pin award in the Male Group.

In the Female Group, Subah became the winner while Nasrine Haque Boby won the best gross award.

Sabha secured the first position while Nisa became the runner up in the Junior Group.

In Sub-Junior Group, Wadi secured the first position while Wafi and Elhan jointly won the runner up trophy.

Rangpur Area Commander, GOC of 66 Infantry Division and President of RGCC Major General Md Nazrul Islam, ndu, afwc,psc, distributed prizes among the winners in the concluding ceremony as the chief guest.

High military and civil officials, RGCC officials, participating golfers and other invited guests attended the ceremony followed by a colourful cultural function.


Abducted veterinary physician rescued in Rangpur

RANGPUR, May 03, 2019 – Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-13 rescued
an abducted veterinary physician from Honumantola on the Chiriakhana Road
area in the city in the early hours of today.

“The rescued person is Manik Chandra Mohanta, 25, son of Nittyananda
Chandra Mohanta of village Gara in Kishoreganj upazila of Nilphamari
district,” said a press release issued here this evening.

Earlier, a group of 4-5 kidnappers abducted Manik from Medical Purbo
Gate area in the city on Tuesday night while he was going home after visiting
his relative patient at Rangpur Medical College Hospital (RMCH).

Later, the abductors demanded Taka two lakh ransom from relatives of the

Being informed, an operational team of the Crime Prevention Special
Company (CPSC) of RAB-13 conducted a raid in the area and rescued the victim
from Honumantola area at 3:30 am today.

“However, none of the abductors could be arrested as they tactfully
managed to escape from the scene,” the release added.


Three of a family electrocuted in Rangpur

RANGPUR, May 3, 2019 – Three members of a family were electrocuted in Bananipara of College Road area in the city today.

The deceased were identified as Tanya Wasfi, 30, her daughter Tasfia, 8, and her mother-in-law Tazmahal Begum, 62.

“Syed Ali, owner of the house, has previously created a trap by
electrifying galvanized iron (GI) wires on the roof to prevent stealing of goods by thieves,” Jamir Uddin, assistant police commissioner (ASP) of Kotwali Zone of Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RpMP), told BSS.

He said the tragic incident occurred when mother Tanya, wife of Rubel
Islam, with her daughter Tasfia went to the roof to hang their wet clothes on
the GI wires for drying around 1:15 pm.

“Both of them were electrocuted as soon as the ill-fated mother and her
daughter hanged their wet clothes on GI wires those were previously
electrified,” the ASP said.

Hearing screams, Tazmahal Begum, rushed to the roof and also embraced
death after being caught by electrified GI wire.

Being informed, police and fire service and civil defence personnel
rushed there, rescued the victims and rushed them to Rangpur Medical College
Hospital where attending physicals declared them dead.

Local neighbours immediately surrounded the house, caught Syed Ali and
handed him over the Kotwali Thana of RpMP.

“We have handed over the bodies to their relatives this afternoon after
completing necessary legal procedures,” Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kotwali
Thana of RpMP Rezaul Islam told BSS.

“Interrogation of Syed Ali is continuing at Kotwali Thana of RpMP,” the
OC said, adding that necessary legal actions will taken in this connection.